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Myospots – Blueberry Strawberry Twin Pack 2 x 100 spots


Brand: Myospots

A new patented technology for tongue exercise.

Myospots are small biodegradable adhesive pads that are used to exercise tongue muscles and induce nasal breathing.

Available in:

  • Banana
  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry



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Product Description

Myospots – Blueberry Strawberry Twin Pack 2 x 100 spots

Myospots – Blueberry Strawberry – are small, circular pads, made of biodegradable natural polymers that are safe for internal use.

They have nice colours and flavours that give them a pleasant look and taste and are Vegan friendly. Their strong adhesive power enables them to adhere easily to the surface of the palate. After adhering to the palate, they involuntarily induce the tongue to elevate and touch them. The repetitive induced movement of the tongue to pad dissolves the adhered pad and provides good exercise for tongue muscles to increase tongue muscles tone.

Use MYOSPOTS daily for several months to help change the tongue posture to rest against the palate.

Available in:

Importance of Tongue Exercise

Increasing tongue muscle tone and correction of tongue posture are essential components of the orofacial myofunctional therapy of a range of conditions, including tongue thrust, habitual digit sucking, mouth breathing, dysphagia, sleep apnea, snoring, speech disorders, oral malocclusions and in preventing relapse of lingual frenulum after removal of tongue-tie.

Myofunctional Therapy

-Orofacial myofunctional therapy is a growing field of treatments for various conditions that involve in-common facial muscle weakness and imbalances.

-It involves training of tongue posture and establishing equilibrium between the tongue, lips and the cheek muscles.

-Orofacial myofunctional dysfunction has been linked to a range of problems, including tongue thrust, various dental malocclusions, sleep apnea, snoring, swallowing difficulty (dysphagia), oral   malocclusions and speech disorders.

-Accordingly, myofunctional therapy plays  an essential role in the active treatment of this range of conditions.


How to use MYOSPOTS?

  • Place a MYOSPOT with your thumb against the anterior part of the palate with gentle force for 10 seconds.

  • Remove your thumb and keep pressing the SPOT using your tongue until it dissolves.



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Key Ingredients

Algae Agar, natural blueberry, Natural Colour, Natural Strawberry Flavour, Potassium Sorbate Preservative, Stevia, Cellulose gum, Xanthan gum


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