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Smile Boosters’ oral care range is anything but mainstream.

Our premium range of dental supplies help maintain good oral and dental hygiene to boost your smile.

Smile Boosters’ oral care products range has been carefully chosen, to provide optimal care.

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Interdental brushes are like tiny toothbrushes to clean between your teeth.  A regular toothbrush cleans 60% of the tooth surface, which means if you’re not flossing or using an interdental brush, 40% of the tooth surface remains uncleaned

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Gum Health

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Powerful care for gums, vital protection for teeth…

Premium oral care is the feel good program for your mouth, with luxurious textures, that are easy on the palate.

Protect teeth and gums to improve your oral health.


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Essentials, designed to fit any routine

Eco-friendly revolution in dental hygiene products.  Premium products without compromises on quality or design.  Choose from a huge range of plastic free, sustainably produced products with a social responsibility.



and clean up our oceans

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What’s In A Smile

One of the first things someone notices about you is your smile. A healthy smile is so important for overall health and there are few easy things you can do to boost the appearance and health of your teeth and gums.


We are naturally drawn to people who smile and can be suspicious or cautious of those who don’t. There is a real physical attraction factor linked to the act of smiling. Smiling relieves stress, elevates your mood, it boosts your immune system, lowers your blood pressure, makes you look younger and seem more successful.


Link To Overall Health

On the more serious side, oral health disease is linked with diabetes and heart disease…