About Us

We believe beauty begins with oral health and we want to bring out the best version of you, starting with your smile.

Our focus is on strong, healthy, teeth and gums, to keep your smile young and beautiful. Working closely with renowned national and international dental practitioners and opinion leaders we identify and source high quality clinically supported evidence-based products to help keep you smiling. To ensure your oral health is optimised we of course recommend regular check-ups and clinical advice from your dentist.

Smile Boosters evolved from our passion to spread the word about the importance of oral health, so we’ve collaborated with the best in business to deliver you the finest oral care products. We thrive on making things happen by turning thoughts into action and have a strong sense of ownership and responsibility. We commit to stable values and pride ourselves that we are trusted and can be relied on.

Having 30 years’ experience in the dental industry, we understand no two mouths are the same and that each person has a unique set of needs. However, there are many commonalities in daily oral care. We’ve selected products that will help you stay motivated in taking care of those pearly whites and we like to think that Smile Boosters offer something unique compared to the large commercial brands.

Smile Boosters is about promoting and supplying high quality products at competitive prices. By dealing direct, we keep our price promise to you. What we offer are products of the highest quality, supported by a network of individuals with strong clinical knowledge.
Innovation is at the core of what we do, and we are fortunate to work in collaboration with leading inventors and global manufacturers, this means lightening quick response to evidence- based trends allowing you access the latest advanced dental technology.

Our products are designed for home use to compliment your overall oral health... So, do something great every day to show off your smile!