Experience the next level of home care for removable dental appliances with Dr Mark’s HyGenie.


Sports Mouthguard

Clear Aligners

Night Guard

Sleep Apnea Device

Teeth Whitening Trays




Dr Mark’s HyGenie can take less than a minute to clean your removable dental appliance. Whether you wear clear aligners, a retainer, dentures, a night guard, sports mouth guards or any other removable dental appliance, if it fits into our device, Dr Mark’s HyGenie cleans it comfortably, quickly and thoroughly.

Custom-made removable dental appliances take time to fabricate and are expensive and inconvenient to repair or replace so they need to be well looked after. Dr Mark’s HyGenie gives you peace of mind with its tough, durable locking case that keeps your dental appliance protected – during cleaning and after cleaning.

Who says functional can’t look good? Say goodbye to those embarrassing glasses of murky green liquid on the bedside or those little airtight plastic boxes that just harbour bacteria and germs. Once you’ve cleaned your dental appliance, Dr Mark’s HyGenie acts as a stylish storage case until the next time you need it.


Using Dr Mark’s HyGenie will give you the confidence that your removable dental appliance is clean, fresh, safe and ready when you are ready for it.


Optimum home care for sports mouthguards and most other types of removable dental appliances.

A clean and hygienic sports mouthguard in less than a minute? Yes, you can, with HyGenie Sport and DentalFresh. Afterwards, store and protect your mouthguard in the HyGenie device until you practice or play again. HyGenie Sport is easy to use and is self-cleaning and self-drying, just like your toothbrush. You can also personalise your HyGenie Sport by adding your initials on the logo badge. For added protection and a bit of the cool factor, have a look at the CAGE pop up mouthguard carrier too.