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Truthbrush Family Tracker Pack with 5 Trackers



x2 Truthbrush Travel Hub

x5 Truthbrush Tracker Pro

x5 Truthbrush Tracker Skins

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Product Description

Truthbrush Family Tracker Pack

Truthbrush Family Tracker Pack gets the whole family involved and motivated in achieving good brushing habits.

Help your family improve their brushing technique and develop healthy teeth brushing habits with Truthbrush Tracker Pro – a teeth-brushing tracker.

  • Fits on any toothbrush handle
  • Easy to attach on the manual or electric toothbrush
  • Waterproof design – splash resistant and shower friendly

How Does Truthbrush Keep You On Track?

Improving your family’s habits starts with understanding current behaviour.  Through an App:

  • Advance Oral Care Tracking Technology: Truthbrush trackers detect what users are doing well & where improvements are needed.
  • Track Progress: Fun Tracker designs and gamified badges they earn in the app help make smiles for a lifetime!
  • Complete Brushing Log: Easily access all past brush events.  The calendar view show a detailed history and enable you to locate past events.
  • Never Miss A Notification: Never miss a brush!  Get an alert when a family member misses a brush.  Get notified about every brushing event.
  • Connect with your Dentist: Get professional tips after every brushing.  Share with your dentist for better, personalized feedback.
  • Enjoy “Healthy” Competition: See the whole family’s activity on a single app feed.  Easily compare performance and see how each user ranks in their age group.

Ready To Get Started?

  • You can get set up in minutes!  Just download the app, pair your hub, and activate the tracker
  • Set goals and rewards – create goals in-app with custom rewards that will motivate Truthbrush users!  Kids want prizes, not more toothpaste or floss!
  • Receive important alerts. Brush reminder notifications can be senet to both parent and child devices.  Configurable beeper/timer tells them when they can stop brushing

It’s automatic! There is no start button, it knows when you are brushing and beeps when it’s time to stop.

Track your entire family’s brushing activity

Truthbrush can support multiple trackers at same time. View entire family’s performance in one app.

Let the data speaks for itself

Truthbrush shows you where improvements are needed. It helps your family develop great brushing habits quickly and effectively.

96% of users, showed a significantly improved mouth coverage score after first month.

84% of users, brush for longer than 90 seconds after 3 months using Truthbrush.

62% of users, improved their daily brush counts after 1 month, with average improvement of 40%.

Superior performance

With replaceable battery, longest wireless range and loudest buzzer

Configurable Timer – Beeps after 2 minutes or any time you configure, helps you achieve your duration goal.

Family Pack includes:

  • 2x Travel Hub
  • 5x Tracker Pro
  • 5x Tracker Skins

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