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  • CareDent Oral Care Orthodontic Kit – (Without Toothpaste)


    Brand: Caredent

    Oral Care Orthodontic Kit Without Toothpaste

    Each kit is designed to establish good oral care habits and contains everything needed for a beautiful smile just add your favourite toothpaste. The kit has been assembled to cater for all essential orthodontic needs. The all-in-one kit is the perfect item to carry when travelling and the sturdy zippered carry bag can be kept for future use.

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  • TePe Ortho Care Kit


    What are braces?
    There are a variety of different orthodontic systems. Some are fixed, located on the outside or the inside of the teeth, and some are removable. The purpose of orthodontics is to straighten and align teeth by slowly moving them into the correct position.

    Home care for braces
    Wearing braces can make dental care slightly more complicated. To prevent gum disease and cavities, you need to clean both your teeth and braces properly. Cleaning with a regular toothbrush is not enough ? you often need additional cleaning products . Your dentist/orthodontic assistant can guide you to suitable products for orthodontic care and show you how to use them. If you have removable braces, make sure to brush them too, using a toothbrush and water.

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  • TePe Orthodontic kit


    TePe Orthodontic kit

    The essential kit for a healthy smile.

    For patients going through orthodontic treatment, we appreciate that good oral hygiene is essential but often challenging. Patients with braces can’t settle for just a toothbrush and floss.

    Ortho kit include:

    • 1 x Supreme Compact
    • 1 x Compact Tuft
    • 1 x Angle Yellow
    • 1 x EasyPick XS/S – sample (2 pcs)
    • 1 x EasyPick M/L – sample (2 pcs)
    • 1 x IDB Green and Yellow – sample (2 pcs)
    • 1 x Orthodontic Wax
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