Dental care for children

The first steps! Establishing a good oral hygiene routine when young can help teach your children the importance of keeping their teeth healthy. It is also important for you, as a parent to learn when to start teaching, what products to have in your oral hygiene toolbox and how to use those products effectively. We have a brochure and short YouTube video that will give you the appropriate information you need to start their journey towards good oral hygiene.

By clicking on the picture below, you can read the brochure online. You can also download the brochure by clicking on the link underneath the picture of the brochure.

There are two very important steps that can help keep your children’s teeth healthy; good eating habits and good oral hygiene habits. In this webinar you will learn which products you can put into your oral hygiene toolbox. We will also fill you in on the two most important things you need to know for children to grow up with a healthy smile.

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