Does Hismile Work?

Since 2014, Hismile has established a social media presence that’s hard to miss. With a strong global following and celebrity endorsements from the likes of the Kardashian family and Connor McGregor has seen Hismile go from strength to strength.  The online presence is second to none, but does all this exposure really mean that it works?

Over the past few years, Hismile’s research laboratory has been working on new formulas and has released a revamped incarnation of their product range that features all-new whitening and oral care ingredients. The range boasts a long list of benefits that also include a clinical trial confirming ‘instant whitening results after a single 10-minute treatment’.  

So we’ve thought we should break down the complexities of the Hismile PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit, and talk about how it actually works and what Hismile has achieved with their latest formulation. 


To start with, how is it different to tradition methods? Typical whitening procedures contain a peroxide-based formulation that utilises the effects of either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide to oxidise tooth stains into lighter coloured compounds. Although peroxide whitening treatments are the common method and are effective, they do however have some drawbacks, resulting in some unwanted side effects

The most common effects are:

-Tooth hypersensitivity (or ‘zingers’)

– Soft tissue (gum) irritation

Whitening at the dentist can definitely mitigate these side reactions, but there is no guarantee that they won’t occur.

This is where Hismile sought to make a change by developing whitening products that eliminate the risk of adverse effects. They have managed to achieve this through the use of an ingredient called Phthalimidoperoxycaproicacid… or PAP for short. This is a safe alternative to hydrogen or carbon peroxide that still produces effective whitening results.

PAP is unique because although it whitens teeth in a very similiar way to Hydrogen Peroxide, it does not affect the tooth’s natural structure and is not classified as a skin irritant. This means PAP exclusively reacts with tooth stains without causing the loss of minerals, triggering tooth sensitivity or damaging the soft tissue in your mouth.

In addition to PAP, Hismile has included:

-Hydroxyapatite. A synthetic material that works to replace the essential minerals back into your tooth for stronger enamel.

– Potassium Citrate which helps relieve any pre-existing sensitivity you may suffer from.

These 3 key ingredients combined make up Hismiles patented PAP+ formula, which is found in their teeth whitening kit, mouthwash, toothpaste and strips.

Teeth Whitening Kit

The Hismile PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit offers one of the safest ways to whiten your teeth from home without the concern of pain and sensitivity. The kit comes with 6 whitening treatments worth of formula and is housed in their new PAP+ Pods. The PAP+ Pods are an improvement on the previous syringe design and make the experience more convenient and mess-free.

Each whitening treatment with the PAP+ Teeth Whitening Kit takes just 10 minutes, a significant decrease in time compared to other at-home whitening kits. This kit will typically produce an immediate whitening result depending on your starting shade. If you suffer from more severe or stubborn staining, we recommend completing a follow up treatment the next night.

Because Hismile’s PAP+ formula produces effective whitening results so quickly, after 1-2 treatments you can save you remaining pods to use every couple of months as part of a maintenance routine. This will stretch the value of your kit from 6 days, to over 6 months.  Results do vary from person to person, so some may find completing 6 consecutive treatments more effective.


PAP is able to avoid the artificial bleach white look that can happen so often along with severe sensitivity and discomfort. This is achievable because the formula does not cause etching or enamel decomposition and so it is able to quickly whiten your teeth to their maximum shade of white whilst still preserving the health of your smile. As a result, it will produce a very natural, bright shade of white.


Although the results can be instantaneous, how long will it actually last for? In Hismile’s case, the formula produces very little dehydration during the whitening process which avoids any immediate rebounding in results. Since PAP is used to oxidise the staining molecules in your teeth, altering them into smaller and lighter coloured compounds, the whitening effect occurs on both the surface stains and the internal ones.


So, does Hismile Teeth Whitening actually work? The simple answer is yes, it does.

In fact, the results are backed by clinical trials. However it’s normal for individual results to vary. Most people see an optimal improvement in just 1-2 treatments, while others may need to use more of their treatments initially to achieve desired results.

Hismile has found a way to offer a perfectly safe at-home whitening solution that is still producing highly effective whitening results. The combination of their 3 ingredients, PAP, Hydroxyapatite and Potassium Citrate, form one of the most advanced at-home whitening formulations available today.

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